Valuable Candidates

  • People living in UK, Ireland and in Poland who are willing to „move”
  • Over 2 million Polish nationals range
  • Mainly labourers, seasonal workers and engineers
  • You will receive all candidates' applications with no limits
    You decide who suits your needs - we don't interfere in applications.

Job offers tailored to your recruitments

With Rinu you will advertise job offer and start recruitment in less than 3 minutes. Your your job offer posted in English or German can be also translated into Polish and published in the biggest employee market in Europe - Poland and among polish citizens living in EU.

Two types of job offers:
OPTION A. Job offer with translation
  • Your job offer language adapts to candidate’s native language.
  • You get better exposure among new candidates you couldn't reach before, especially foreigners who live in your country.
  • You get translated applications to your English panel management.
OPTION B. Standard job offer
Prepare your job offer and activate it on Rinu portal. Online application form for Candidates will be generated automatically.

For example:
If you have a company located in UK and you can't find employees who meet your qualification requirements or salaries we suggest you to choose the option A.
You will also get an extra boost for you job offer and we will also publish it on local employee job portals and social websites (currently only Poland).

Candidates' applications in Rinu

Customized application forms gather only information that are important to you.

For example:
If you're looking for an accountant then you would like to collect more information about candidate's education and work experience..
But if you're looking for a labourer (seamstress, driver, welder etc.) the extensive application form won't be necessary. So make it short and easy to fill. You can customize it and create only few application fields. Should candidates upload their CVs or not? You decide.

Smart communication with candidates

  • Save time & money on meetings – see candidate without leaving your desk. Use video module and make an online pre-interview. doesn't it sound perfect way to candidate’s language skills and attitude?
  • Ask more questions directly from your panel, without any e-mails. Add comments and review.
  • Receive additional files: collect all necessary documents or photos.

Advertise your vacancy today

  • Post your job for 60 days
    Get an audience among polish job seekers
    Extra: We will translate your job offer to get better exposure
  • Special software provided to make recruitment easy
  • Receive applications and manage candidates online
    Candidate management panel in English
  • Ask Candidate screening questions
    Use communication module - ask more questions, add comments.
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