1. According to the Personal Data Protection Act the Administrator undertakes to maintain confidentiality and security of the personal details obtained. Any persons authorised to process personal data, which Rinu Website contains, have been trained on such data processing. The Administrator also stipulates that these employees are obliged to keep data confidential and observe safety rules protecting such data against:
    a) unauthorised access to the data by third parties,
    b) data collection by persons not entitled,
    c) damage and loss of data,
    d) data processing not in accordance with the act.
  2. The Administrator managing the personal details is the owner of Rinu Website.
  3. The Personal data kept on Rinu Website is hosted by the Home.pl company.
  4. The computer equipment used for personal details processing has the licensed anti-virus software. Every person authorised to process the information was granted an individual login with the access password to the Website by the Administrator.
    Entries to Rinu Website are monitored and recorded by the Administrator.
    Furthermore, persons entitled to data processing undertake to apply security measures such as: screen saver, the operating system passwords and protection against unauthorised persons’ access to the data printing.
  5. Rinu Administrator Access password must be a minimum of eight (8) characters including uppercase and lowercase letters; digits as well as special characters.
  6. Access to and/or processing of personal data without the Administrator’s authorization might be exclusively possible in case of the authorised entities’ activities under the relevant provisions of law.
  7. Rinu Website collects:
    a) All data sent with the Registration and Application forms,
    b) Information resulting from the general rules of Internet connection (i.e. IP and other data included in the system logs). Such information shall be used for technical purposes. In addition, IPs might be used for statistical purposes.
  8. Use of cookies - Rinu Website uses cookies storage technology in order to enable the website to adjust to individual needs and work properly.
    By using cookies data shall be stored and used for next visiting Rinu Website with no necessity of providing the same data again. The Administrator shall not disclose or provide the owners of other web sites with such data. The Employer/Candidate might switch the cookies service off in settings of the Internet browser if He does not agree to the use of cookies.
  9. Providing the foregoing data is necessary to:
    a) register on Rinu Website,
    b) apply for the Job offer.
  10. The Administrator reserves the right to using the third party services in respect of drawing up the statistics concerning the use of Rinu Website as well as for creating personalised advertisements purposes. The Administrator stipulates that in this case the third parties shall be able to access the identifying details regarding neither the Employers nor Candidates.
  11. Each Employer/Candidate might choose whether and in what scope of services He wishes to use Rinu Website and disclose his personal data, The entity is also entitled to deleting such details or to not using Rinu Website.
  12. Any confidential data (i.e. credit card or bank account details) shall not be stored by the Administrator.
  13. The Administrator does not sell the Employer’s or Candidate’s data obtained to any third parties. 14. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29.08.1997 (uniform text: Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2002 No 101, item 926 with further amendments) the Employers and Candidates are entitled to correcting, supplementing, updating and deletion of their own personal data on demand. For this purpose the request shall be sent by electronic mail or by post to the Administrator.